Essays & Reflections

Afterlives of 'Home Sweet Home'
by Sara Spike
Published in Visual Communication Journal, Volume 10, August 2011
Sara Spike is a PhD Candidate in the Department of History at Carleton University, Ottawa. Her research focuses on the visual cultures of rural communities from an historical perspective. Her dissertation is a cultural history of vision in rural Eastern Canada in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Locating Widows in Mid-Nineteenth Century Pictou County
by Katie Pickles

Published in the Journal of Historical Geography 30 (2004) P70–86
Katie Pickles is an Associate Professor, Department of History at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Her research interest focus on feminist cultural and historical geography, including gender and feminist history, imperial history, 'Transnational History' and 'British World History', gender studies, postcolonial studies.

Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother
Index of Caribou Mottos

by Katherine Knight